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What kind of flowers should I plant in my garden? Must be hardy enough to withstand Minnesota winters!?

Would like a mixture of annuals and perrenials. Are rose bushes hardy?

What kind of flowers should I plant in my garden? Must be hardy enough to withstand Minnesota winters!?
I have a zone 4 garden and have had great luck with roses. Just make sure that you plant the bud union 2 inches below the surface as opposed to above. I have never had to fuss with them in the fall and while there is some winter kill on the branches, a quick trim to live wood is all they need in spring.

Shrub roses are very hardy. My hybrid teas do well, but my favourite everblooming rose is a grootendorst supreme.

I also grow plants such as perennial geraniums, bellflowers, daylillies, perennial potentilla plant, lamium, snow in summer, hostas, etc.

For shrubs, I like spireas as they come in different sizes, leaf colour and bloom times. I also have lilacs, dogwoods, honeysuckle shrubs, Northern gold forsythias and many other types of shrubs that do well and need the winter chill.

I also have honey suckle and clematis if you are looking for flowering vines.
Reply:Hellebores are wonderful! They are evergreen, love shade and give you flowers in late February. A common name for these is lenten rose. Look at the "orientalis," "niger," and "royal heritage" strains at
Reply:This is best answered at your local garden center or greenhouse. NOT HOME DEPOT OR LOWE'S. They will ONLY carry plants that will survive there.
Reply:i think it would be a any kind but you can cover it up with selter or in a green house.

Reply:Yes rose bushes are hardy.

I want an English Garden, I love roses and flowers, any way I could do it on my own??

I haven't had much luck so far, my flowers gro crazy and grow every which way? I have a big old house and yard, how much do landscapers charge?

I want an English Garden, I love roses and flowers, any way I could do it on my own??
Sure you can create your own English Garden. The fun is in experimenting with different flowers %26amp; seeing what "takes." An English Garden is really a work in progress, %26amp; should be an exciting adventure. Start with easy, care-free plants like Day Lilies %26amp; Black Eyed Susans for sunny spots %26amp; Bleeding Hearts for shady areas.

Buying at a discount helps make it easier to experiment. Earlier this year, I found roses at Wal Mart at half price of their sale price (less than $4 each) %26amp; they're still blooming. Home Depot has sales on perennials now for $1.99 starters to $3.33 med. Also try growing plants like Forget-me-nots %26amp; Columbine that are easily grown from seeds.

Don't be afraid to separate %26amp; move plants around. If you think that some are too large for an area, try placing them behind smaller, bushier plants. That could help support them, %26amp; make them appear neater. It's all about making a cozy, enjoyable space that expresses your personality. When you finally see your garden coming together...that will be your greatest source of satisfaction...You did it yourself! Just start small %26amp; keep adding new finds to the garden. You'll be amazed how it'll grow, literally.

Here's an article on how someone else started her English Garden:

I hope you enjoy watching the video %26amp; get some ideas from it, too. (I had to click both "Wild English Garden Blooms In Evanston Yard" %26amp; "Click to Play video" )
Reply:English gardens are supposed to be a little messy, you let things self seed and not worry too much. Buy small plants and space them then let them grow and self seed. Use old fashion plants too. Hollyhocks, delphinium, cosmos lots of bright colours, have fun. I am a landscape designer, I chage $50 for a 2hour consultation but much more for a design, It is a lot of work to measure the yard and choose plants for your area and soil type and so that you have things in bloom at all times. It can cost anywhere from $500 to no limit depending on the complexity and the size of the yard as well as how much work you want done (for example is it just for the design or do you want it installed too)

rain roots

Where can I find a list of flowers for the George Harrison garden?

There are a few details of it here - not a plants list, unfortunately, although there are for some of the other Chelsea gardens

I live in Germany and I would like to know is it the time to plant flowers and trees in my garden?

I've been living in Germany for half a year now and the wheater hasn't been nice but now it's getting normal like about 19 Celcius but it can get windy so all i want to know is it the time to plant? Also i have pots on the side of my balcony and hanging from it so nothing Big! What could I plant?

I live in Germany and I would like to know is it the time to plant flowers and trees in my garden?
I'm British living in Germany and I never know when or what to plant.

But my neighbours have started, the weather is getting better (in fact it's been really mild this winter, be warned this was nothing!)

Try herbs and perennials on your balcony (so long as you have space to bring them in during the winter, maybe you have a Kellerraum to keep them in). Sadly the choice of herbs in German garden centres is quite meagre, but there are some specialist centres which are better stocked.

Again, trees will need to come indoors during the winter, but a Marguerite or an Olive will look lovely surrounded by other plants.
Reply:Yes for trees...plants...depends on what kind...frost tender ones like need to wait unless you plan on planting them in pots which you can take inside when it could freeze at night. But there are allot of other plants mostly perennials which you could plant now..I live in north east part of Bavaria
Reply:the best idea is get a garden plant book for the bookshops or library if you have one that will give you bags of information if not watch your neighbours then you cant go wrong ask them and see if they will help you.

Help on how to plant a cut flower garden?

i want to plant a cut flower garden in the spring, and im not sure what flowers to plant. we have problems with deer, so i'll need flowers that deer dont like. also, the garden will be in mostly shade. any ideas?

Help on how to plant a cut flower garden?
wild flowers are good and easy to plant you can get the ones that are on a roll spread it on the ground and water everyday..if you lay plastic down first and then put the soil over it you will not get weeds and if you put a few pie plates in the middle tied to a stick it will keep the deer away ,the wild flowers will grow high and cover the pie plates so you cant see them.. you can cut the flowers and they keep for a week if you add sugar to the water..
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Reply:I'd check out seen companies like Park Seed for cut flowers. They have a great selection and they indicate both the growing conditions and whether or not they are good for cut flowers.

I'd avoid the wildflower mixtures on my first try. They usually contain annuals, biennials and perrenials. Stick with annuals the first year so you won't be yanking out stuff that doesn't please you.

Other than that, about all you need is soil that is well-prepared. There is nothing like adding compost to ensure success. You can do this in the fall, the again in the spring, and you should have a terrific start at flower gardening.

Good luck!
Reply:Shade gardens are somewhat problematic for wildflowers, although there are some that grow there. A good source for you to look around and get some questions answered is Gardenweb; which is broken down into different types of plants, gardens, topics of interest and even specific areas. Here is the link:

You will be amazed and delighted at what you find here!

How can i prevent iguanas from eating all my flowers and ruining my garden?

Build an enclosure. That is most recommended by me.

How can i prevent iguanas from eating all my flowers and ruining my garden?
BB or pellet gun!
Reply:Move to Ohio. They can't live here,(unless their a pet).
Reply:Every time a varmint gets in my garden I put Pinecones all around the plants and flowers. They have sharp points and keep the cats, dogs, etc. out.
Reply:I don't know. Maybe the following would work?

basic chicken wire on the ground prevents cats going potty in your garden. They can't scratch the ground %26amp; don't like to walk on the wire.

Spray cheap vegetable oil around base of your house to prevent crawling insects getting into your home.

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Where are some good sites on the internet to help me design my flower garden?

I'm realizing that I'm not very good at designing our flower garden and I thought maybe I could get some help online. I'm working with annual flowers right now. I did a search and found a couple of sites, but I'm looking for something simple - maybe with pictures and simple information. Any helpful sites would be appreciated. Thanks.

Where are some good sites on the internet to help me design my flower garden?
I personally think the best rules in design are as few as possible. Just plant and have fun! That being said they teach us master gardeners a few basic rules:

1-Keep it simple.

2-Plan for low maintenance.

3-Work from an overall plan (I often violate this)

4-Call Miss Dig (A free service in Michigan - it's to locate buried power lines.)

5-Don't make beds too narrow.

6-Don't plant trees too close to the house or other plants.

7- Make sure you get plants which do well in your climate and region.

With that in mind, here's some sites:
Reply:I agree with that guy! He said all that i would have said if i got here first! Too bad i didnt.... that is some great advice! You should listen to him! I love flower gardens but they are hard sometimes to decorate!...You just cant figure it out. And it could be really hot so you dont even want to even try and do anything with it so it just looks should get on decorating your garden and mabey get off the computer? is great!